Replace those rotting timbers once and for all!

Imagine no more painting and instead an attractive, time-saving, maintenance free roofline.

How can Pro Fascia Home Improvements improve this home?

By replacing the rotting flaking roofline, removing birds nests and other pests. replacing it with maintenance free clean upvc.

We utilise a unique EasiDec system which is erected and taken down in twenty minutes. The system is then moved to each elevation in turn.

Safe Access
Unique EasiBracket technology ensures we can reach those more difficult areas, including over conservatories.

Removal and Preparation
We trim back the felt, which is often rotting and useless.

We carefully inspect the rafters to ensure no damp or rot is evident.

Remove tiles where applicable. Strip off the existing rotting and unsightly roofline timbers.

We use high quality uPvc sprockets to guarantee alignment of the fascia and soffit, which ensures the best possible appearance for your roofline.

Heavy-duty, high-gloss fascia board is attached throughout the roofline using marine grade stainless steel fixings.

Your Profascia Home Improvements  installation team will always make sure your home is left clean and tidy, taking all debris, old timber and rubbish away.

We use heavy-duty roofguard to protect timbers. This will always direct water into the rainwater system and away from your home.

Complete replacement and pointing of mortar bed.

Your boxends will be tailor-made at your property to ensure ultimate appearance. (The minimum number of joints are always made).

The bird comb prevents unwanted visitors from gaining access into your roof space (profiled tiles only).

The end tiles are removed from gable ends to allow the safe and environmentally-friendly removal of asbestos board, which is then replaced with an asbestos-free fibre board.

Why covering your timber fascia with a thin covering panel is not a good idea

In order to improve their appearance, a lot of fascia companies will recommend covering existing timber fascias with a thin layer covering.

This may seem like a reasonable idea to smarten up the fascia rather than replacing it, but it will not do you any favours as within a few years your fascias will sweat and rot, causing more damage.

Here are some examples of such coverings that we have come across recently

Whether you require a new maintenance free roofline, fascia boards or wall coating
our skilled tradesmen work to the highest standards
We give a 15 year Guarantee